Word press Political Theme

WordPress Political Theme

Word press Political Theme

Politic is a solid and very flexible WordPress Political Theme loyal to political campaigns, election runners, or a political activity site. Politic is fully equipped with everything you need to create a modern WordPress Political Theme website.

We’ve advanced this full Word Press theme to deliver everything you’re looking for in one website.

The theme looks unlimited on tablets and traveling devices nice. One to its responsive design. It’s full of changed types of pages, wide and boxed plans, include a limitless number of colors, a large number of fonts, icons, and more.

High-quality code, comprehensive and easy-to-read documentation, fast and competent support are key features of Politic.

15 Best Political Word Press Themes

No matter what type of political website you are constructing, chances are there is a Word Press theme that garbs your scheme. In this meeting of the best party-politicalWord Press themes. You’ll find forms designed to advertise individual candidates, manage fights.

Many of these policy themes include several ready-made demos to help you get your site up and running with minimal effort. The best options also include many customization options and options to help you customize your site.


Voted has all the skin you would think from one of the upper WordPress Political Theme. Among these features, you will find four web page layouts that are perfect for different policy locations. This is a basic demo for building a website for political candidates. While the second of the demonstrations are more aimed at supporting the election campaign. This second demo includes an election countdown timer, candidate information, and an online fundraising form.

 However, you can easily convert this theme to better suit your needs. A top visual writer add-on is also involved in the theme set. You also get contact to a number of features and choices that give you nice device the air and design of your place.

2. Candidate

While this theme can be easily used to promote a church or nonprofit church, it is perfect for building any political website. Thanks to the four basic demos included in the 12 demo sites, you will be able to create your website quickly.

 Depending on the policy demo you choose, your website may include large homepage slideshows, graphics equipment subscriptions, upcoming event announcements, social media content, and breaking news from your blog. Since the Candidate theme contains full support for Buddy Press, you can easily motivate a number of general social media features including user profiles, personal messaging, groups and more.

3. Front runner


Thanks a lot to the not the same demos of Frontrunner.No matter what type of political website you want to make this theme for, there has to be a ready-to-use resolution. The home screens feature options built for conferences. Nominees to help them with provincial campaigns, an exhibition for city council members, and one mayoral candidate. There is even a presentation for participants in school or university elections.

 Each screen has custom-built properties and attributes. Because this is a flexible policy theme, you can combine any of these elements to create your own custom layout. You’ll also find suitable landing page templates so you can create more referrals to your campaign and raise money with the quick order feature.

The Front runner theme includes a few extra things to help you succeed. The campaign, with custom logos, postcard templates, business cards, and Facebook cover.

4. Campaign

The contest is always ready to help you out your political website in modeling.

 As soon as visitors to your new website, be asked for their email address and sign your political newsletter. Visitors to the front page of your website and closely see the attack wars. They can see the modern events later through the social media campaign.

 Thanks to all the Content campaigns supporting the Woo Commerce plugin, you have the opportunity to sell other products and merchandise through your website to raise money for the competition. This content can be collected once and refunded by free interest.

 The theme of the Campaign includes custom controls that cover the colors and format of your website to get the right look and feel for your website.


5. Harold

Harold is a managed word Press theme for parties, opponents, contests, and more.

Harold’s four-page outline is packed with features to relieve make your immigrant school website a success. Whether you’re creating a presence for a politician, a candidate, or for some reason, Harold should be a content enthusiast.

While the layout and location are all different, there are some differences, such as a large full-door cover that makes it easy to share photos related to the event, a grid of icons and text to emphasize drawing on specific key points or areas. targeting, and the forms are used to communicate with your audience. If you want to encourage people to volunteer or donate, online information integrated into Harold models can really help here.

AsHarnold has excellent organization and printing skills. You can use this feature to offer a summary of post-meeting events and other events on your website. Other websites include panels where you can post comments from participants on your political campaign, blog posts to everyone, and more. Add artists to add this content to your site.

6. VoxPopuli

VoxPopul has four whole demos for structure tons of political websites with word Press.

By electing the demos that make up a piece of the VoxPopuli package. You can get a good impression of ​​what your political site will look like if you choose this theme. The shows are shaped to advertise a female candidate. A male runner and create a site for a political party. Thanks to this, VexPoplin should be the right choice for any political website you want to launch.

If you take a look at the VexPopular demos. You will find that they all have a fully functional home page layout that includes many useful origins. With skins like email forms and event feeds, you can use this theme to expand your posting list and sponsor upcoming rallies and other chief dates from your calendar. A subscription button is enabled by default on your home page for this theme, allowing you to start raising money for your political campaign. Of progress, you can easily select the default elements. Available on your website using the in-built page builder tool.

7. Politic

Politics is another flexible issue that should work in all types of political circumstances.

This theme has five different flavors to get a good choice for your WordPress Political Theme website. Like some of the other notable themes in this collection, Politics has already built website demos to create sites for political parties and candidates, as well as sites for campaigns and other general policy choices.

While the home pages of political exhibitions look good, this theme includes many of the useful and necessary templates for the inside pages of your site. These models cover the About Us, Contact Us. Events pages and provide you with content to raise funds and receive voluntary requests. If you want your website to be a full-fledged policy tool that not only helps you promote a candidate or partner but can also be used to raise helps and promote events, should be on your policy list.

If you need to add added pages to your WordPress Political Theme website. You can use the basic page masters that come with Politic. Or get a tiny more creative and modify. This content with the commended Element or page builder. With this potent page builder. You can customize your performance and design. A sleek look for extra areas of your site.