what is a one product store

What is A One Product Store?

The term “one product store” refers to a store that only sells one kind of product. And this sort of online shop is more popular than you would think. You must have the correct products to offer to be competitive in a single-product online shop. The word “flagship” applies to a commodity that you only offer. Your signature commodity should be one that you can market in large quantities. 

There’s a slim risk that your one-product Shopify store would ever take off if you can’t market it in droves. One product stores are more effective in the following scenarios:

  • You’re offering digital items that don’t require any production or shipping costs.
  • You’re selling items that are well-branded.
  • You market narrow-niche goods that appeal to a certain class of customers.

Is there a difference between one-product e-stores and normal e-commerce websites? When it comes to a one-store website, having outstanding material copy and compelling product imagery is critical. To market your product successfully, your Calls to Action (CTAs) should be straightforward and strategically put. You may argue that any e-commerce shop needs all of this. 

Why Do You Need A One Product Store?

Many companies who are new to the field of online shopping tend to start small and expand while they gain expertise. That is why several startups only develop one product at a time. They begin with a single product for a few years and extend their catalogs only when they gain momentum.

There is a range of one-product shop success stories to tell. When you Google this query, you’ll learn about Casper, a $500 million company that captured consumers’ hearts with its box-packed mattresses shipped to their house. Consider Sara Blakely’s Spanx, which started as a one-product enterprise and developed into a self-made billionaire. Finally, think about Crocs, who with their brightly colored clogs have finally made it to the top.

Most companies continue to market a variety of items through their online outlets. However, as the examples above illustrate, getting a wide inventory is not a criterion for e-commerce performance. If you look at things from a certain angle, you’ll see that with a one-product store, you’re not overwhelmed by trying to sell several items.

Instead, you should concentrate on innovating and delivering innovative products to your consumers, growing the popularity of your goods, and being a viral internet sensation. Furthermore, single-product e-commerce shops are becoming more common on social media, providing you with additional and successful advertising platforms.

Advantages of One Product Stores

As we previously said, offering just one commodity has a lot of advantages. Let’s take a look at these benefits:

  1. Concentrate on the product.

Through a one product e-store, you will concentrate on improving the consistency of your product. You have the potential to develop experience in your product and climb to the pinnacle of your niche. Around the same time, a single product page allows you to fine-tune the finer points of your online offering and achieve a laser-like emphasis on your marketing strategies.

  1. Be a specialist.

You don’t have to create a line that appeals to everybody if you have a one-product shop. Instead, you will create a product that fills a gap in the market and is in high demand right away. You may also be able to develop a game-changing innovation to address a demand void.

  1. Be Effective

You will attract just one form of consumer and easily build a product and marketing plan by concentrating on a specific product. You don’t need to spread your efforts through many networks.

  1. Be aware of the needs of the customers.

It’s easier to be adaptive and respond to clients’ ever-changing demands when you only have one commodity. You should refine the product on a daily basis and ensure that it still meets the demands of your existing customers.

  1. Having an easy-to-manage store is a must.

A broader product catalog necessitates additional effort on your part. If you have hundreds of items, keeping track of their stock and presenting them digitally can take up a lot of your time. A single product page, on the other side, makes presenting and distributing a single product even simpler.

  1. Have a stress-free staffing experience.

If you just offer one thing, you teach your employees to only sell one product. Rather than educating your staff on any of the items in your catalog, you should concentrate on one product in particular. As a consequence, the salespeople would have a lot of fun selling the items. In comparison, the team would be willing to deliver even greater service for a single commodity.

Disadvantages of One Product Stores

Of course, a single-product shop isn’t right for everybody. There are several pitfalls to this style of e-store that you should be aware of before launching your Shopify store with only one product:

  1. Cross-selling is obsolete.

Cross-selling increases the company’s lifetime value and total order size. There’s nothing to cross-sell when you just have one commodity. Most companies hate single product websites because they are unable to produce extra sales in this manner. Some businesses go beyond and beyond to form strategic alliances with businesses that have complementary products and services, allowing them to cross-sell. However, they might not make a lot of money this way.

  1. Customers who return are fewer.

People usually only need one product of a certain kind. Let’s pretend they bought everything from you. Now that they have a commodity, they can’t think of a single excuse to come back to your website unless you’re continuously innovating and developing it. As a result, without continuous conceptual quality updates, it would be difficult to keep buyers coming back and taking in more sales.

  1. Marketing Opportunities are Limited.

The more items you have, the more varied your advertisement plans will be. With only one product, you’ll quickly feel as though you’ve used all of your marketing opportunities. Your marketing campaigns can become stale if they are repeated. Keep refining the product and adding more updates and extras for each revision to prevent this.


To become a good eCommerce website, you don’t need hundreds of items in your catalog. On the opposite, you will become a worldwide recognizable name by selling just one commodity.

There are some advantages of maintaining a one-product website. It is easier to build and maintain such a website. Furthermore, for a single offering, you have the ability to showcase all of its advantages through various media platforms.

Around the same time, if you just offer one thing, the quality of your website should be carefully considered. Make sure the material copy sells, and don’t neglect to provide eye-catching imagery, convincing CTAs, and compelling multimedia.

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