How To Install WordPress On Local Host ( Windows/ Mac)

How To Install WordPress On Local Host ( Windows/ Mac)

One of the best features of WordPress is that you really can build up the development platform anywhere you choose and concentrate on creating amazing WordPress websites instead of messing with environment variables. In this regard, you have a variety of choices, ranging from downloading it locally to using a completely run cloud server.

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Installing WordPress

Installing WordPress to your device is a perfect way to get started by checking the WordPress plugins and themes. WordPress could be installed both on Windows and Mac, and once installed, it behaves exactly like a live blog. Installing WordPress onto your local host has the advantage of allowing you to run a range of experiments without fear of anything going wrong.

The simple learning which embraces everyone is among the factors why WordPress has gained such a big share in the market. So, whether you are a total beginner or a professional entrepreneur, you will actually be able to get a WordPress-powered responsive website in a matter of hours.

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WordPress is also an excellent forum, it has a low entry shield for anyone who wants to use it for their tasks.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source, fully accessible and free platform for building websites. WordPress is a website content management system and utilizes a Database server on a more technical basis. It is by far the most user-friendly and efficient blogging and website-building platform available today.

WordPress is indeed a great forum for a wide range of websites. It is a flexible content managing system that can be used for anything from blogging including e-commerce to enterprise as well as portfolio websites. WordPress is a perfect option for both major and minor websites, since it was designed with accessibility and functionality in mind.

WordPress App

The WordPress app is free, but you will need a custom domain to get it up and operating. The best thing regarding WordPress is how straightforward it is to use and how adaptable it is to all kinds of websites. That is the primary explanation for WordPress’s enormous success.

WordPress is built with high-quality, standard-compliant technology that generates textual markup. This makes Google and as well as many other search engines adore WordPress.

And that is why WordPress blogs seem to score higher in search results than non-WordPress pages. You could also use WordPress SEO extensions to improve your website’s efficiency.

WordPress also has an automatic upgrading system. You can also upgrade the themes and plugins directly from the WordPress control panel. WordPress will also notify you when a new version of WordPress is released, allowing you to upgrade the site easily.

You can simply use either WordPress backup plugins to automatically grant backups and archive them securely on a remote location to secure your data from any error or hacking. WordPress smartphone apps allow you to manage your site when on the go.

Why Is It Important to Download WordPress on a Localhost

  1. Learning and Growth

An offline platform is indeed a great place to learn if you are new to local WordPress production and want to improve your abilities as a WordPress developer. The best part is there’s no fee and you can create anything you want with WordPress.

  • Evaluate New Features

It isn’t a wise decision to test new functionality on a live site because something will fail and disrupt your business processes. You can test new features, templates, including plugins in a stable environment by downloading WordPress locally.

  • Zero Risk

Local WordPress setup creates a risk-free production platform with full freedom for testing out new technologies & techniques. In certain instances, you will need a place to test theories and experiment with coding. You should switch the prototype to a testing site for quality assurance and enhancements until it’s completed.

Purpose Of Local Install

A local installation is used to help you evaluate WordPress or build a website on the phone. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Choosing the best WordPress themes then putting them to the test.
  • Locally check important WordPress plugins.
  • Create your favorite themes and plugins to learn WordPress software.

Switching/Transferring a Local WordPress Installation to a Live Website

You would like to switch WordPress to a live website after you have experimented with that too locally. Those around would only be allowed to see the website if you do this.

You will need to have a web address as well as a web hosting account to do just that. A website address is the internet address for the website, while web hosting is the location wherever your site files are kept.

Benefits Of Downloading WordPress On Local Host

  • WordPress is something you can learn more with
  • Server experience
  • Changes can be made locally before being applied to the live platform.
  • Folders and sites can be saved easily

How To Install WordPress On Local Host (Windows)

Many who believe that installing WordPress on a local server is difficult are mistaken. Installing WordPress on localhost is really very easy.

The most critical factor to bear in mind would be that WordPress doesn’t really immediately run on your computer. For proper service, it needs a web server, PHP, as well as a database.  The world wherein WordPress runs is generated by the interaction of these elements.

Step 1: Download WordPress And XAMPP

It’s crucial to set up the right setting for WordPress to operate in before you install it. Installing XAMPP and WAMP to build a database system on Windows accomplishes it.

Download WordPress And XAMPP

You will see a variety of options that work for different PHP models. Most people choose the options that are consistent with the most recent PHP update.

Run the downloaded file to install XAMPP onto your local computer. Open the control panel during activation to see and update the status of Apache & MySQL.

Step 2: Install WordPress On A Local Host

Install WordPress from the website after you’ve set up the web server & database. Place the file throughout the XAMPP directory/docs section. Access to the task directory after unzipping the file.

Verify that the Apache or MySQL resources in the XAMPP panel are working. After the database has been developed, go to the official WordPress website to begin the WordPress installation process.

Install WordPress On A Local Host

Select ‘Continue’ after selecting the appropriate language. Follow the instructions to connect server access to the wp-config.php file on the next screen. To build the database for the new WordPress account, go to the phpMyAdmin portal. The gateway is quite likely to be found at the following link:


Enter The Database Name

Open the wp-config.php file throughout your preferred code editor or add the following database credentials. Return to the WordPress download wizard after saving the file.

Step 3: Enter The Database Name

Insert the database name, ID, as well as password in the necessary fields. You can create your specific table prefix, Once you are done tap on the submit button. The next screen verifies that the database setup was efficient. To start the WordPress setup process, click ‘Run the installation.’

How To Install WordPress On Local Host (Mac)

Provide details regarding your site on the next screen, next type your username and password for accessing the WordPress dashboard. Select the ‘Install WordPress’ key when you are done. It will display a progress notification and also a button that will take you to a very well WordPress dashboard login tab. That’s what there is to it when it comes to installing WordPress locally on a Windows system.

How To Install WordPress On Local Host (Mac)

Step 1: Download The Software

The first step is to go to the MAMP site to download the software. After the update is complete, start downloading the folder then move the image file contained inside to the Applications file.

Download The Software

After downloading, go ahead and release MAMP from your computer’s Programs.  Note that MAMP also downloads MAMP Pro which is the premium version, so make sure you choose the correct one.

Before you begin, you must adjust a few configurations to improve your MAMP interface. This could be done by going to the Preferences menu and from there to the Ports list.

downloads MAMP Pro

Press the OK button after entering port 80 for Apache. Changing Apache to be using port 80 rather than http://localhost:8888 would enable users to access the online sites via http://localhost. However, this ensures that you will have to insert the computer’s administrator password any time you launch MAMP servers.

The paper root file is the next move. That’s the location where you can construct or place your websites. MAMP uses the /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/ directory by default, but then you can move it to a more convenient directory.

Pick the Web Server section in the settings dialog box, then the file where you want to place the websites. Any of the websites must be saved in their own file within the Documents folder.

Step 2: Installation

The next step is to download WordPress on your Mac system after you’ve set up MAMP.

download WordPress

To get started, go to and installing copy of this program. You must unzip the folder after installing it. After that, save the WordPress archive and insert it into the MAMP application root folder. This file could be renamed to whatever you want. Since WordPress requires a database for storing all the website data, you must build one before you download WordPress. Do not even worry, it isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

Throughout the MAMP program window, simply tap the Open Web Starting Page button. After that, a new tab window will pop up, and you will need to choose Tools from the top menu bar.

Step 3:Select The Language

PHPMyAdmin is now a web-based MySQL database management program. To construct a new server in phpMyAdmin, go to Databases and afterward New Database. You can call this database whatever you want, but make a note of it as you will need that in the coming step. Now install WordPress after you’ve built the database.

In a new window tab, go over to http://localhost/mysite. Use the name you gave the WordPress folder if you renamed it to someone different. The first phase of the WordPress installation wizard now asks you to choose a language. Then click the continue button after selecting the language in which you want to install WordPress.

want to install WordPress

WordPress will tell you what detail you will need to finish the installation on the next screen. To proceed, click the Let’s Go button. After that, you will prompte to enter the detail for WordPress database. First, from the previous step, you already learn the database. You must use roots as both a user id and password. You must use localhost as a database host.

To proceed, press the send button once you’ve done it. WordPress can then provide a link to your database and generate a configuration folder for you. It would then show a successful post. To continue, press the ‘Run the installation tab.

WordPress will request you to input the website credentials, an id, and password, as well as an email on the next screen. Fill out the form and afterward press the Install WordPress button to complete the process.

When the installation is complete, WordPress will display a progress note. And you will be done with the download processing.


WordPress is well-known around the world, and if you want to experiment with new features, getting a local installation of WordPress on your system is always a smart idea. It is used to test the new WordPress plugins, make style updates, perform as a varieties of other task.

Downloading WordPress on your local host is a relatively simple procedure. Even the most seasoned developers begin by installing WordPress locally before taking it to the cloud. If you’ve taken each of the steps above, there’s no guarantee you will run into any problems when installing WordPress on localhost.

Many users nowadays find it very simple to download WordPress on localhost because it offers so many advantages and convenience to so many people. As a result, always go for the best option that gives you the most just like WordPress.

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