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How can social media be effectively used for education?

This is the age of smartphones, tablets, and various other handheld devices. These days it is difficult to imagine a person who doesn’t have any of these devices. Previously, the role of mobile phones was limited as it was only used for making verbal communication. Gradually people started realizing that it can only be used for sending small messages. And finally, when social media made its presence in people’s lives, they started using it to check their feeds.

As time passed, social media increasingly became an essential part of people’s lives. They couldn’t believe that with just one click of a button, they could get any information they wanted. Initially, only adults used smartphones, but soon its popularity reached other age groups, and even teenagers and senior citizens got glued to this amazing device. In today’s time, social media is the most widely used tool by all age groups, but comparatively, it is more popular among youth and students.

Importance of social media in education

Considering the wide popularity of social media, researchers believe that social media can play a very important role in the field of education. At the same time, a large group of academicians has a different view. They believe that social media acts as a spoiler for students. Therefore, it’s important to use it wisely to have a better impact on students. So, instead of labeling social media good or bad, we should try to find a way to use it to our advantage. Although it still remains to be answered as to how social media can be used to our advantage in education. Let’s try and answer it.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snap chat, LinkedIn, etc. are widely used channels, and most students either visit these sites on a daily basis or quite frequently. These social channels have become equally popular among teachers, professors, and other officials related to education. Social media is very useful for students as it helps them to share information, get answers and connect with their teachers. Through social media platforms, students and teachers can easily connect with each other and share study material.

Social media is useful in multiple ways

Live telecast of lectures

nowadays, many teachers are conducting live video chats on Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, Twitter, or so many other channels to engage with their students. Social media not only helps students but also their teachers to learn and share while sitting at home. By using the incredible reach of social media, education can be made more convenient.

Around the clock engagement

since social media is available around the clock, students can use it any time of the day to get in touch with their teachers and fellow students to remove doubt. They don’t need to be present in their classrooms to seek support and guidance from their teachers. Such engagements are also helpful for teachers as it gives them an opportunity to closely monitor the development of students.

Remote Classes

Social media played Routine di BODYBUILDING per la parte superiore del corpo qualita cabergoline con spedizioni livello di bodybuilding – intermedio – youtube a big role in conducting online classes during Covid-19 pandemic. Because of the lockdown announced by the government to keep the deadly coronavirus at bay, all schools, colleges, and other technical institutes like the engineering colleges, and management institutes were closed indefinitely. They initially thought it would take a couple of weeks for a pandemic to subside, but they proved wrong as there was no such sign visible. In the end, it was social media that came to the rescue of these educational institutes by conducting online classes. The virtual classes that began last year during the lockdown are still continuing and helping students to carry out their studies.

Ease of education

Most teachers agree that social media has made their tasks easier. It’s a perfect win-win model because it also helps teachers to improve their abilities, skills, and knowledge. One of the best examples of this can be found in India where Indian social media played a major role in the spread of education in the remote tribal areas that were inaccessible.

More discipline

It was observed that school classes that are conducted on social media platforms are usually more disciplined and structured as students know that they are being watched round the clock.

Improves knowledge

Social media is an excellent platform as it helps students to enhance their knowledge through many learning tools such as Google, Wikipedia, and YouTube that are available online. Through these social media channels, students can see videos and pictures, check reviews and clarify their doubts instantly while watching them live. Not only students, but teachers can too make their lectures more interesting by using such tools and various other teaching aids.

Teaching by blogs and articles

Students can immensely benefit and increase their knowledge by reading blogs, articles and other teaching materials by renowned teachers, professors and thinkers. Social media ensures that good content can easily reach a wider audience.


There is no doubt that social media, if used wisely, can make education better and students smarter.