The best free website builders for beginners

free website builders for beginners

Free Website Builders starting your own business isn’t tough but building the image is! And that is why you need a good website for your small business to get recognition.

Having your website saves you a lot of time and trouble and also provides you opportunities to connect with your audience on a larger scale. 

For beginners, designing your own website may look tough but there are many free website builders for beginners which provide you with great features for free website builders.

You have to buy your domain name for sure but designing your website can be free. Many of them have packages that allow you to work on a larger creative scale and add extra features but their free package also includes some unique features to start your marketing process.

Numerous web designers offer free plans, yet in some cases, free isn’t what it appears. Much of the time, you begin fabricating your site for nothing, just to find, after you’ve effectively contributed the work, that the free arrangement is excessively restricted to really utilize.

Getting extraordinary compared to other web designers is urgent in the event that you need to assemble your own website, particularly in the event that you don’t have any involvement in coding or web advancement.

With the top web designer administrations, you can simply pick a layout, simplified in your own substance, and you’ll be all set. Finding the best web designer relies upon your specific necessities – the interaction can be overpowering because there are such countless decisions, from free choices for a straightforward site to internet business stages for a more mind-boggling business site.

Forget web developers or coding systems, these websites now allow you to create a good-looking website for your startups. Below are some really good free website builders for beginners that can create your website with originality.

Go through their pros and cons and then we’ll give you a small comparison for these free website builders just so you’ll be able to choose the right option for your needs!


The most used all-rounder website builder. Its free plan offers you loads of amazing features and there would be no harm if you just stay on its free version.  Moreover, if you still want to go for more advanced features you have to buy a package and the starting price is from 13$ and so on!

The best free Website builders with hosting

Firstly, the interface is pretty easy to use. You just have to drag and drop the features you want to add to your website and boom, your website is mostly done. 

It offers you a wide variety of creative templates with many subcategories to give an aesthetic look to your website. You’ll get 500MB capacity which is truly incredible for amateurs. This confines the number of individuals who can get to your site and the measure of the substance you can incorporate separately.

Wix covers the full convenience range by offering an AI-powered programmed site designer toward one side that requires negligible exertion from the client, right to Wix Corvid, an open improvement stage for cutting edge applications like JavaScript and information-driven unique pages.

Its also enables users to create unique blogs as it has some great blogging tools. But you have to work on it as it doesn’t allow the drag and drop editor.

Wix also offers tools like SEO which is beneficial for writing websites. Also, email marketing, social media posts are designed for free.

You need an upgraded version for advanced features in these tools but still in the free version Wix offers you best. There is also an AppStore in Wix, that offers a lovely noteworthy library of applications to broaden your site’s usefulness, and even incorporate it with outsider administrations.

Not all are free, You may need to pay for certain people. Yet, there are sufficient free applications to kick you off with online business!

From its drag and drop editor, things can get pretty messed up. It has data limitations for each package. Even if you are buying a package, it will only allow a specific number of photos and videos on your website. Ads will be shown on top of your website even if it’s a connected domain!


It is quite similar to Wix and easy to use. Although it’s limited with its features which you can use on the paid version. The starting package is from 6$ which increases further depends on which features you want to use!

free Website builders

The SEO tools are great. It can be edited on every page easily. It offers 500MB storage with its amazing app center that includes many great features.  It offers a free domain with responsive themes and a huge room to grow your website.

The questionnaire helps you sort out some major issues and gets you a likely website according to your needs. They take care of your problems that are running in the back.

It also offers you an e-commerce tool from which you can easily buy and sell products.  It not only provides you with colorful designs but also allows you to access free images.

Each Weebly site accompanies worked-in highlights for contact structures, photograph exhibitions, sliders, and that’s just the beginning. This permits you to effortlessly add highlights to your site with no confounded arrangement measure.

Weebly is a decent choice for individuals who might be more restricted regarding their time speculation.

Its e-commerce feature looks great but you have to pay for it.  it demands 3% transaction fees on every sale or purchase you make but not on their paid version. The visible footer ads can also be annoying sometimes.

You are restricted to just the Basic Elements in the free arrangement. That rejects anything to do with articles, online media, or internet business.

The supervisor was here and there somewhat lethargic stacking and felt somewhat off and by and large more convoluted than other site manufacturers. As far as possible is 15 and you will not have the option to utilize the SEO choices.

Another thing that is downgraded is they would need to improve their degree of artistic liberty. Having more command over the tone and size of your content shouldn’t cause a migraine or expect you to code!


If you don’t want a huge website to start your business then you can go for Jimdo as it offers the best features for a basic website interface. Jimdo esteems straightforwardness, and this is evident as you fabricate.

There are question mark instrument tips dissipated all through the supervisor to help you along, and transferring pictures, evolving text, and supplanting foundations is all easy.

Website builders

It’s best for building an online store. You can sell up to 5 products for free and even if you need to upgrade it offers some really cheap packages. It offers a fast loading interface on both sides. It also offers you 500MB which would be enough for a basic website.

The biggest relief is the small ad that appears for a really short time and is not annoying!

The limited features. It only allows 5 pages on its free package. It doesn’t offer AppStore, blogging, or SEO tools.

Moreover, there is no chat system in the interface. The designs are limited. The themes are not up to the mark as compared to Wix.

WORDPRESS: and are two separate builders. is a complete software whereas is paid for service thing.

If you are a writer or a blogger, I would suggest going for this. It is a website hosting service that offers you some really helpful tools for blogging!

In this article, I refer to only.

wordpress Website builders

It offers you hundreds of themes that are free and easy to use. It is cheap with the starting package of 5$ for removing ads.

While you do have some power over the format of your substance, the vast majority of the plan decisions will be made “for you” by the topic you pick. A few topics are profoundly adaptable, however not all.

Word Press site manager is genuinely restricted contrasted with different administrations yet is not difficult to set up and has all you require for contributing to a blog.

You’ll have extreme authority over how your site looks and believes, and regardless of whether you use layouts, you can redo them however much you might want. Besides, you’ll discover a huge load of help and back on the web as you figure out how to utilize the interface.

The marketing and SEO tools are the best they offer. Moreover, has that the first programming doesn’t is the capacity to rapidly and effectively assemble a portfolio on your site. You essentially add pages in the Portfolio part of your site, and certain topics will show your portfolio pieces naturally.

You can’t introduce custom modules or topics except if you move up to their field-tested strategy. It is complex as many things are going on. Also, its advanced plans can be expensive.

Premium and lower plans don’t host e-Commerce highlights or a third-get-together promotion network uphold. Nonetheless, you will in any case need to follow’s terms and conditions.


The user-friendly website builder. The free plan enables you to set up very easily and then develop your content without any loss!

builders with hosting

The free features are simple and easy to use. You can customize the look, font, images with few clicks. A built-in-blog system is an advantage with an MS-word style editor. They have some colorful themes. It also offers a multi-page website with several plug-in choices.

You can set up forms like donation, contact, etc. very creatively. It allows small business tools like you can create calendars, schedule, appointments on the ‘page’ menu.

It is very limited. It doesn’t have many design tools so if you are looking for a creative website then you shouldn’t go for this. The free domain it offers is really simple with letters and numbers which seems boring! The quality of the design is also not so good as it isn’t modern or colorful like others.


Here is the comparison for the above-mentioned websites which will help you decide the best as per your requirements:

Talking about SITE123, it doesn’t offer e-commerce and AppStore on its free version as others do. It doesn’t have templates or designs. Whereas, Weebly offers 50+ templates with 50+ apps.

WordPress on the other hand offers more than 100 templates but not apps.

But WordPress in comparison to storage gets the credit as it offers up to 3 GB of webspace. Jimdo doesn’t offer much as mentioned. No blogs or apps.

About talking features, Wix offers most of them free whereas in WordPress and jimdo you have to purchase them. Then comes the price factor, jimdo is the cheapest as it starts from 7$, SITE123 from 9$ and then WordPress seems to start from 0$ but that is just for ads.

For features, you have to buy an expensive package.

I hope you get the idea of which type of website to use for your startups. For the beginners, it would be hard to choose anyone but it will be according to your needs.

Many beginners make mistakes in choosing as they didn’t know their requirements and end up messing up.

If you want a basic one go for Jimdo or a for a long run go for Wix. But before choosing a website make sure you know your business niche, your requirements, and genre. If it’s for blogging choose WordPress and for a more detailed colorful website Wix or Weebly is best.

Whatever you choose, just keep in mind that moving your website afterward can be tough no matter whichever website builder you choose. So choose accordingly!

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