Best E-commerce platform for 2021

Best E-commerce platform for 2021

Be it a thing of five dollars, or any costly gadget, people simply start looking for things online. And therefore, from small-scale industries to giant business houses, they all have entered into the online business to promote their products. And this is because, within a few months, they see substantial growth in their sale. So if you too are looking to enter the online market, and looking for the eCommerce platform for 2021, you are at the right place.

For selling any product online, you are supposed to be in contact with an eCommerce platform. In simple words, you need to register yourself on that particular e-commerce website, to start selling your products. Any regular website also provides you the facility to promote your product, but customers are not able to pay for that, directly from that page, as those websites do not provide payment processors & also they do not have any shipping facility.

So the best option to grow your business is an eCommerce platform that gives you certain facilities like shopping cart tools, web hosting & payment facility. Apart from these basic features, if you want to avail of other facilities, you have the budget & a larger quantity of products to sell, you can go for real-time stock inventory tools, bulk upload features too.

 There are many things you need to take care of before choosing any platform such as, it must suit your technological skills, features should be there to improve consumer experiences & it should also offer options to customize things according to your need. 

Best e-Commerce Platform

Given that you must be thinking, what are the best eCommerce platform in 2021? So, here we are, to help you in choosing which eCommerce platform is best in 2021. We have tried to give you as much information about these websites as possible. The article includes information about the available plans, terms & conditions, ease of use, templates etcetera, so let us check out some of them in detail.

Some of the best e-commerce platform in 2021


It is one of the best platforms for dropshipping. You can easily find the products that are trending, and can quickly add those products to your store and then just start selling them on the eCommerce platform Shopify.

Let us look at the pros of Shopify

A Drag & drop interface is a given.
The website is in loaded in no time.
A two-week trial is a given, & till then no payment a needed.

Price of different plan:

Basic Shopify plan of $29 per month
Shopify plan for 79 dollars
Advanced Shopify for approximately 300 dollars.


The platform requires a third-party application for international currencies.
There are only 9 free themes provided.
You have to pay additional transaction fees on every non-Shopify transaction.

Shopify allows you to connect with Oberlo for combined dropshipping tools & you can sell any number of products you want to sell, with any plan, making it one of the best choices for dropshipping. 

Other features: 

Shopify is very easy to use and comes with many other features, such as

The POS lite system.
You can live chat at any time & can sync with other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & Amazon as well.
Online invoices can be created easily.
More than 100 payment gateways.
It also Integrates with over three thousand applications available in the Shopify store.
Built-in feature for the recovery of an abandoned cart.

To enable drop shipping, simply install the free plugin Oberlo & sell up to 500 products each month for free. If you want to sell up to thirty thousand products per month, you have to pay an amount of $29.90. You can also go for a premium theme, by paying from a hundred dollars to a hundred & eighty Dollars, for once.


Magneto is built for big enterprises, therefore the offer are complete control on your website. By this, your website developer will be able to create a special web presence as per your need & maintaining the server autonomy at the same time.


Open-source software is provided at no cost.
Almost unlimited capabilities.
It is best for SEO.


The Hosted sites are a little expensive.
A developer & IT support is needed to get your site up & running.
No, as such support is provided, for open source software

It is an Adobe product, therefore offers the best customizable solution, for big companies, along with the plans to extend even further. Though developers will be required to get started, your non-technical team will understand the intuitive interface, by which it is easy to update & manage your giant business. 


BigCommerce was established in 2009 by Eddie Machaalani & Mitchell Harper. One of the best open SaaS solutions, as it provides traders sophisticated enterprise-grade customization, functionality & performance with a simple & easy-to-use interface. Many B2B & B2C companies across the globe use this e-commerce platform to create unique, attractive & engaging online stores.


Some of the best features for site-building available provided in this platform are as follows: 

Unlimited product listings
Custom domains
Unlimited file storage and bandwidth 
Feature of Multi-currency sales
Ratings and reviews, reporting & gift cards 
Twelve free themes and more than one hundred& fifty paid themes
Integrations with POS software & shipping 
Page builder

Plans & their prices:

The Prices for BigCommerce is divided into 4 tiers:

The BigCommerce Standard for $29.95 per month.
Big-Commerce Plus for $79.95 per month.
BigCommerce Pro for approximately $300.
BigCommerce Enterprise, which is available upon request.

An additional 10% discount is given for the Plus & Pro options if paid every year. 


It was developed by WordPress & runs on almost thirty percent of all the stores available online. woocommerce is one of the best e-commerce platforms for small industries, that already have a website on WordPress, It the companies who are operating on a low budget, & still want a competitive online store. Woo-commerce provides hundreds of third-party themes & plugins,& that makes it one of the affordable eCommerce platforms.

Even the free WooCommerce software comes with the best features such as


Mobile-optimized shopping
Catalog management
Inventory management
Product reviews & Shipping options
search engine optimization 
Coupons, discounts & Geo-location support 
Live chats facility


• it does not provide phone support.
• No email support


It is completely free to download.


It is the best e-commerce platform in 202, for small businesses that do not have resources for a dedicated web designer. This site developer in itself is very easy to use & the interface, functionality is powerful enough to compete with other e-commerce platforms. The plugins can help in extending the functionality. However, it will be better to use a dedicated web developer if your business is large enough.


The basic feature that is provided by the six e-commerce are as follows:

Product galleries & Digital products
Dispatch & Payment options
Referral & discount codes
Abandoned cart recovery tool & inventory management
Mobile-optimized interface 
Other functions are also available via extensions


eCommerce for Dollar 17, per month.
VIP plan for $25 per month.
Basic Business plan for approx 23 dollars per month.
Unlimited Business plan for $27 a month.
Business VIP for $35 every month.
And, the Enterprise Bodybuilding en Fitness vrouwelijke motivatie 2013 kwaliteit oxymetholone met verzending 3 jaar bodybuilding transformatie – mijn verhaal! plan for $500 per month.


Wix eCommerce provides all a small-scale business would need, however, it is not as good as other eCommerce platforms like Magneto or Shopify.



 It is an open-source tool that allows you to create eCommerce websites at no charge free. The best feature is its scalability, this simply means that an individual can set up the store, the way he wants to set it up. Trusteeship has catalog management as well as cross-selling capabilities. It helps not only in managing products but also helps in easy management of reports, customers & provides you quick customization of your online store.

Pros of PrestaShop

Completely Free & open-source.
It is highly customizable if you have some coding knowledge.
Many add-ons & third-party extensions.
It is Self-hosted & provides full control on server files.


The add-ons can get a bit expensive.
There are chances that Add-ons may mix-up with each other & bugs may arise.
Speed is slow.

Price: It is available to be downloaded freely.



Big Cartel is an e-commerce platform that started in the year 2005. This SaaS site builder is good for creators who are looking for a place to sell artwork, jewelry, clothes & photo prints. 

It is a very good e-commerce platform for artists & entrepreneurs who are looking for an option similar to Etsy. The platform that is well informed about the niche.


Big Cartel has these price options:

Gold is Free.
Platinum cost around $9.99 per month 
• The diamond plan is for $19.9 a month.
• The price of the Titanium plan is $29.99 per month.

Pros of the big cartel:

Big Cartel provides these features to the user:

Dashboard & Multiple selling channels
Product with different prices :
Online checkout,
Exclusive tax calculation
Inventory management & Bargain codes
Search engine optimization tools
Plugins available


• The support option are limited.
• No International options are available.

So, these are the best e-commerce platforms in 2021 in our opinion. Let us know which is the best.

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