How to change wordpress theme without going live

How to change wordpress theme without going live

If you have managed to land on this site, you should know how to change WordPress theme without surviving. Good news for you. Word Press offers an easy and effective way to improve your theme without downloading it. Despite the super simple Word Press process, this will be the hardest part for newbies.

Before changing the theme, you need to take some precautions so that you do not lose all important data.

With this guide you will get everything you need to change your Word Press theme without leaving it. Be patient and read the whole article; I hope you end up with great pleasure and good knowledge.

Things to Do Before Changing word Press Themes

Changing a theme is a few ticks left job. But, you must take some steps to stop your data and, most outstandingly, to keep your traffic. Go over our commended list and follow it correctly to have a push free work plan. Let’s joint in.

1. Save the Tracking Code from your present theme

The word Press site has several options. If you have already filled in this code, you do not have to deal with a new theme. Simply copy the system to a notebook.

You can already sign up for Google Analytics, Sitemap, and Search Console. Add code to relevant pages or add a change wordpress theme to your PHP file. And you can keep the code on both sides. Do not worry. Do it first.

2. Load Time Testing

You may ask, “How do you manage download times?” Well, the answer is obvious. this is a great website link. All you have to do is link to your site, then boom! You can get the download time from your website. Repeat after changing the theme. Then decide for yourself which is better and faster.

Download time is a major concern of all website owners. If you want to know how to change a word Press theme, you need to know the current download time. You can compare the current load time with the new theme; This is one of the best methods to optimize your word Press site.

3. Backup

This is a mandatory recommendation for you to back up your pages, posts and plugins, photos and database. Make sure you have a full backup of your website. This will help you customize your new change wordpress theme and optimize it in no time.

This will also ensure that you can restore the current website if something goes wrong.

4. Maintenance Mood

When changing the theme, make sure you are in the maintenance environment so that users cannot see your site in the development environment.

To make it smooth, we recommend using a plugin. There are many such plugins. We recommend that you use the Seed Prod plugin.

This is a popular word Press plugin. Hence, it allows you to easily perform the page maintenance mode for your site.

To keep your site in maintenance mode, you must first install and then activate the plugin.

Then go to the “Seed Prod Settings” page to configure the plugin settings. After that, select the Enable maintenance mode radio button and click the Save all changes button. Are you ready.

How to Change word Press Theme without Going Live?

And here is the part you are looking for. Do you know how many ways to change wordpress theme?

The answer is two (2). There are two solutions for changing a word Press theme without launching. They are:

• Live demo

• Use the plug-in

It is important to know the right path. There is no need to install the theme and then check it. Instead, you can see the theme before installing it. It is much more useful for buying any premium theme. It will cost you the right amount of money. This way, you can’t randomly select a theme, buy it, and then delete it. There is a saying, “Look before you jump.” Let’s look at the two options available so we can learn how to change a Word Press theme without launching.

Live Demo

This is a great feature of the Word Press theme. This is a useful option in every WordPress theme. If you choose a theme, look for the live demo option before installing and purchasing. You can only find the button in the theme interface. Click here. Various demo pages already have introductory content. Look around and see if it’s good or not.

You can also access the Word Press Panel. In the Control Panel, click on Appearance, then go to Themes. Here you will find pre -installed themes. You will also find a search bar there. Find a different theme name, then the theme will appear. Now go to the live demo option. Having found the theme of your dreams, proceed with the installation. That all. Your theme is ready to be customized.

Use Plugin

The advantage of word Press is that you will find plugins for just about any issue. This plugin can help you to make the truth of the content without stream.

What is the best plugin? Well, Content Changer is a smart choice for you. You only need to install it from your Word Press admin panel. Then open the plugin. Everything is ready.

For more information, visit

Now you have everything ready. Then, you need to go through the settings of this plugin and select “Enable Party Selection”, then scroll down to the page and click “Save”. Well, you can see the content installed on your site. And you can browse the thread, which will start showing your pronunciation. Open a theme that matches your design dreams. That’s all.

Final Verdict

Now you know how to update your Word Press theme live. I hope this article answers all your questions. Anyway, Word Press has some cool features that let you see the best way. You can customize your Word Press theme by following our guide. If you go ahead you will end up with an enjoyable experience. More info

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