Best blogging platforms of 2021

Best blogging platforms of 2021

Those who have a knack for writing surely want to have suitable Best blogging platforms to share their views.  Many people think that blogging won’t get you money but it has been changed since these platforms came into being.

You can now earn a living through blogging and these huge platforms help you create your strong portfolio which can lead you to some great opportunities.

choosing a platform

But before choosing a platform, you need to know the type of blog you want to create. As each of these platforms has its unique set of themes and offers different tools hence knowing the look and niche of your blogging site would be much easier.

If you are really into blogging and want to have a career in it, a few stages will permit you to construct a great-looking site with bunches of complex usefulness. In any case, on the off chance that you simply need to impart your composition to the world, and don’t think often about the visual plan of your blog, there are snappier and simpler approaches to begin a blog with the least complexity.

What you need to know before choosing a platform is that you’ll need to change eventually when your blog grows and that won’t be easy shifting your blog to another website. So, below is the list of some top platforms for blogging that will help you create blogs from simple to most creative ones!

  • Tumblr
  • Medium
  • Wix
  • Hubpages
  • Ghost


This is a widely used platform for writers and bloggers. It is a free best blogging platform with hundreds of colorful themes to work on. Although, if you want to go big in this field then you have to purchase some features and the package of WordPress starts from 4$.

It is a free stage, however, you need to assemble the site generally without anyone else thereafter. You likewise need to have the product yourself. is exceptionally incredible, so as far as possible to how you need your blog to look and capacity is the measure of work you’re willing to place into learning your way around the CMS.

Since you’re facilitating the WordPress programming yourself, you have full power over how your site looks and capacities, just as how you bring in cash from your site. However, the other side is that the arrangement interaction is somewhat more active.

The biggest perk of having your website build on WordPress is that it is an SEO-friendly platform. It offers some great SEO tools from which you can easily rank your blogs or articles on Google search engines.

It has a plugin named ‘all-in-one SEO’ which after getting installed, allows you to get access to extra SEO tools. It also offers a freelance portfolio from which you can easily build a good-looking portfolio. It is easy to install and is mobile-friendly.

You can easily build a customized blog and can convert it into an e-commerce store.  Also, it will allow only those ads to appear which you choose to.

It can be expensive if you are moving from a personal to a business account. The personal is for 4$ and the business is for 25$. You have to buy an again expensive domain name. You can’t install other themes if they aren’t on WordPress. It is time-consuming as there will be lots of tools that can create complexity.


It is a free blogging site that works like a social media platform. You get followers like Twitter or Instagram, and that is why it is best for creating content that is for social media. Mostly the users include photographers, content creators, and artists. It’s easy to start with simple sign-up criteria.

As it is a platform for microblogging, you can connect your social networking sites easily to your blog. You can follow other blogs, share tools and plugins. You can customize your themes. It allows you to connect a premium custom domain for free. It offers multiple posts format for different types of content. It also allows you to use affiliate links and ads of your choice on your page.

It has limited features. Not good for serious bloggers as it has that teenage social media essence to it.  It can be very difficult for you to export or import other websites. Also, it limits you from adjusting the themes of your blog.


It has to be the simplest blogging site for beginners. It’s free to use and offers some advanced features too. With just simple clicks, you can customize your blog easily with different colorful templates, font styles, backgrounds, and many more. All you need is your Google account to start Best blogging platforms

It offers a free domain. Its AdSense scheme gives you the advantage to earn through ads that too of your choice. Blogger handles all the speed, security, and specialized web facilitating issues. It is SEO well-disposed with a basic way to deal with plan and usefulness. The entire stage works. Best blogging platforms

It has limited features. You can alter the HTML and CSS, yet just on the off chance that you can explore the great many contingent assertions in Blogger code editorial manager.  Not a good platform for a professional-looking blog. Doesn’t have many updated versions. For different content niches, you have restricted the opportunity to change your content into something extraordinary. You can’t add numerous outsider applications or mixes. Also, you can’t transform your blog into a completely overseen site.


A great platform that creates a simple blog step by step through their questionnaire. You can create fun blogs for your existing website by adding the Wix Blog app. Its simple drag and drop feature makes it easy for beginners as well as for advanced bloggers to create.

The blog chief is additionally straightforward and natural, with examination and SEO fabricated right in. It’s easy to add the fundamental highlights you may need on your blog, as well—components like social devices, likes, remarks, hashtags, classes, and supporter forms.

With Wix, you can dispatch your Best blogging platforms with only a couple of clicks. You can begin with one of the numerous layouts or answer some brisk inquiries and the stage will produce a basic, adaptable site for you.

It provides a separate collection of free themes best blogging platforms It offers a great deal of customizing your blog. From different typographies to templates, multimedia widgets, backgrounds, and much more. It also offers a 1GB bandwidth on its free account.  Wix blogs have automatic SEO and email subscription tools. With the Wix app, you can easily chat with your audience and can build a community of your own!

It has an expensive and complicated pricing structure. You are going to have lots of ads in the free version which can be annoying. It limits you in choosing a template as when you choose one and starts working on it, you can’t change it then.


It is purely the Best blogging platform’s posts. It is available in both hosted and non-hosted systems. For the non-hosted one, you have to install the software from where you can host your blog.

A minimalist platform that doesn’t allow to use of any third-party plugins. That is a platform that offers you the chance to compose content in its wonderful proofreader just asBest blogging platforms to make it per user cordial.

You can set up your own custom space and get facilitating from Ghost just as a supervisor. It’s a special blend of contributing to a blog and a participating local area by permitting you to make the membership-based substance.

You’ll have to have a huge and submitted crowd, however, for Ghost to be a viable method to adapt your substance and acquire repeating income.

It offers free email marketing. It optimizes the SEO freely. It has a fast-loading server which is a benefit for getting an audience. A clean and engaging interface. The editor can edit images, videos and text very easily. You can also connect audience from your email or contact

The themes are limited. Not enough space for customizing your blog. Its has no plug-ins in the free version and even in the paid ones, they are limited. Can be complex to use if you are self-hosting it as adding ads and the whole host system is a bit difficult to understand.

Hope you get the idea of what type of platform you want for your blogging. If you are looking for a simplest blogging platforms to start and don’t have much knowledge then you should opt for or medium.

WordPress and Wix are for professionals who have the idea of blogging and already know the tactics. But In the end, it will all be based on the ease of use, your type of content, and the flexibility you want!

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