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Best 10 Import Export plugins for WooCommerce Stores

Any WooCommerce business owner who has been handling websites would know the importance of exporting and importing data. The data export and import can be for migration, backup, data bulk update, etc. Whatever may be the reason, you will need a good import export tool to assist you with the process. 

Moreover, a WooCommerce store will have multiple types of data. There can be multiple products, different kinds of products, users, customers, order data, and more. So, you will need a plugin that can aid with the movement of different types of data. 

So, we have curated a list of some of the best import export plugins (for different data types) available for WooCommerce. Take a look! 

Import Export Suite for WooCommerce 

Import Export Suite for WooCommerce is an all-in-one solution for WooCommerce import and export. The plugin lets you import and export multiple types of data such as products, product reviews & ratings, orders, coupons, subscriptions, WooCommerce customers, and WordPress users. 

The WooCommerce Import Export plugin offers a plethora of filters and customization options to enable users from extracting or importing only the required data. You can also export the complete set of particular data in the store with just a few keystrokes. The plugin lets you update the product information during import. Also, you can even use the export-import actions in the plugin to bulk update the data in your WooCommerce store. 

The plugin is compatible with several multilingual tools such as WPML and also works together with major custom plugins. Some of the most popular features of the plugin include YOAST WooCommerce SEO, WooCommerce Cost of Goods, etc. 

The Import Export plugin keeps a detailed history and debugging logs of the import-export actions. You can even schedule the import or export process to a later time with the cron schedule. The plugin supports CSV, XML, XLS, and XLXS formats. 

WP Import Export

WP Import Export is a freemium WooCommerce data import export tool. The plugin supports multiple data types and file formats. You can move around different types of data such as pages, posts, personalized post types, comments, users, and taxonomies using the plugin.

This wide range of data support lets you reduce the total number of plugins used in your WordPress admin console. The plugin even lets you pause and resume the import and export process. You can transfer the data to and from files with CSV, XLS, XLSX, JSON, TXT, ODS, and XML file formats. 

Some of the other peculiar features of the plugin include background import and export, logging import processes, etc. Import-export scheduling is available in the premium version of the plugin. The filters and the drag and drop field mapping tool available in the plugin make the import and export process set up easier and smoother. 

The plugin keeps a step-by-step log of every import and export process available. Moreover, the plugin is compatible with over 19 freemium add-ons available for WooCommerce. The premium version supports even more add-ons compared to the free version. 

Product Import Export Plugin for WooCommece 

The import-export plugin for WooCommerce products is a WordPress plugin used to move product data between WooCommerce stores. The plugin enables you to both import and export different types of WooCommerce products such as simple, grouped, external, subscription, custom, and variable products. Additionally, you can import and export product images, reviews, categories, and tags using this plugin. 

The product export and import plugin offer several filters and customization options. These features are tailor-made to help the users find the exact data for import and export. The plugin even lets you edit the data in the file to make bulk updating easier. The free version of the plugin supports CSV files. CSV, XML TSV, and Excel file formats are supported in the premium version of the plugin. The plugin offers different methods of import and export – quick, pre-saved templates, and advanced. 

The import or export process can be completed with just a few clicks while using the quick method. The advanced method offers all possible features and filters that you may require to extract the data that you need. You may also save the customizations that you used for the export as a template. These templates can then be directly used to export the products again.

Moreover, you can schedule the export and import process using this plugin. Also, the plugin keeps a detailed history of all the plugin actions and maintains an accurate debug log. The tool is compatible with several WooCommerce plugins including multi-lingual plugins such as WPML. 

WooCommerce – Store Exporter 

This export plugin assists with the export of WooCommerce assets such as products, categories, orders, users, tags, and other store details. The plugin supports Excel, therefore the data will be exported to an Excel spreadsheet. 

The Store Exporter plugin for WooCommerce even supports quick exports. This export technique enables you to export all the data to a ready-to-use excel sheet in just a single click. The plugin also offers several filters and export fields which will help you customize the export process and export file. 

The plugin always retains compatibility with the latest version of WooCommerce through regular updates. Store exporter is also compatible with the legacy versions of WooCommerce. The plugin even offers native export integration with other 125 WooCommerce plugins. 

Order, Coupon, Subscription Export Import for WooCommerce 

The order and coupon import export plugin enable you to move the data regarding orders and coupons in your WooCommerce store to another. The plugin supports import and export to multiple file formats such as CSV, XML, TSC, XLS, and XLSX. You can upload files with any of these file formats to import data into the store. Similarly, a file with any of these extensions can be created while exporting data from the store. 

Some of the key features of the plugin include multiple import and export options, filters, customizations, and more. The plugin even lets you schedule import and export cron jobs. You can also save the customizations that you have used during an import and export process as templates. These templates can be reused during the next import or export process. 

With the premium version of the order import export plugin, you can import and export WooCommerce orders, subscription orders, and discount coupons that you have set up in your store. This is an excellent tool for data migration. You can even make bulk updates to the data while importing and exporting by simply editing the files. Moreover, the import process even offers customizations via which the data can be edited in bulk before getting updated in the store. 

The plugin supports over 8 languages out-of-box, and it is compatible with WPML. 

Advanced Order Export for WooCommerce 

Advanced order export for WooCommerce is an easy-to-use WooCommerce order export plugin. The plugin enables you to export all your WooCommerce orders to a file with any of the following extensions CSV, TSV, PDF, HTML, XLS, XML, and JSON. You can also export the custom fields associated with orders along with the default options. 

The plugin lets you select the fields that are to be exported. Also, you can rename the labels, and re-order the columns during the export process. The powerful filters in the plugin even let you export the necessary data and fields instead of exporting all the orders.  

You can export order data, the summary of order details, customer details (both billing and shipping details), product attributes, and coupon details associated with the orders using this plugin. The plugin is usually used to send the order data to third-party drop shippers and for analysing the order data. 

WP All Import

This intuitive import plugin offers a four-step import process for importing all kinds of WooCommerce data. The plugin supports both XML and CSV, which means that you can import all your WooCommerce data from an XML or CSV file for free with this plugin. You can import everything from posts, products, and orders to users with this plugin. 

WP All Import offers an intuitive drag and drop interface which makes the import process easier for the users. With the premium version of this plugin, you can schedule cron jobs or recurring imports, import images to the media gallery, import custom field data, and more. You can even import WooCommerce data from URLs with the WP All Import plugin. 

WooCommerce Product CSV Import Suite

This Product CSV import plugin from WooCommerce lets you import products to your WooCommerce store. The plugin supports importing the complex of all products and even lets you import custom data. The custom data can be from anywhere such as Google Product Feed, Bookings, Product vendors, and more. 

You can bulk update standard product data such as the price and description and then import it to your store. With this plugin, you can import information to any taxonomies. The plugin is also capable enough to capture custom field information by itself. It does not require any special custom codes. This makes adding extra information to your current and new products much more convenient. 

Import and export users and customers

This CSV import export plugin is an easy tool developed to move WooCommerce and WordPress users and customers. The plugin is designed to always include the custom user meta in the CSV file that the plugin generates. The tool also comes with a delimitation auto-detector to easily differentiate the entries in the CSV file. 

The CSV file exported with the user metadata can be edited before importing to make bulk changes in the user profiles. With the plugin, you can import and export thousands of WordPress users and WooCommerce customers in a matter of seconds. The tool even supports setting up cron jobs to periodically schedule import jobs. 

The import-export plugin also facilities some powerful filters such as role and registered date to extract the required customers from the whole. You can even assign roles to the users while importing them to your WordPress console.  Also, emails will be sent to new customers added via the import process. You can even customize the templates of such emails. You may even send test emails to test out the process. 

The plugin is compatible with WPML and other major WooCommerce plugins. 

Widget Importer & Exporter 

We have discussed WordPress tools that help with moving all kinds of data from one location to another. Now let’s see a plugin that lets you move widgets across WordPress sites. Widgets may have to be imported or exported for backups, site moves, or for offering sample content to users. Whatever may be your requirement, you can use Widget Importer and Exporter plugin to move the data. 

The Exporter part of the plugin creates a JSON file with the .wie extension. The file will contain all the currently active widgets on the website. This file can be imported to the same site or a different one using the same plugin. Widget importing is done by uploading the JSON file previously created by the plugin. The plugin will show the results of the import action in a tabular format with all the necessary information. 

The tool will take into consideration all the widget aspects of the new site. For instance, if a widget area is not available in the current theme, the corresponding widget in the file will be imported as inactive. Similarly, if a widget area is already occupied,  the widgets will not be duplicated. Moreover, the plugin will omit to import widgets that are not supported by the website. 


Import and export operations are not something that you can opt out of. It is essential to timely carry out such actions to maintain the flow of your operations and the health of your site. The aforementioned are some of the most popular import-export plugins available for WooCommerce. We have included all kinds of import export plugins to move different kinds of WooCommerce data. Note that some of the plugins listed above are paid. So be mind full of that when you are selecting it for your store. 

Hope this article was helpful! Let us know what you think.