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7 challenges and their solutions of hiring a custom software development company

When it comes to creating software, typically, there are two options available. The first is having an in-house development team, and the second is outsourcing the work. Choosing between these two options is a common dilemma that many companies face.

Both options present perks and challenges, so it’s imperative to consider these two possibilities carefully before committing to them. For example, with in-house development, companies must account for hiring and training the right people based on the technology being worked on. On the other hand, outsourcing can be an inexpensive way to present new ideas and products to market quickly but comes with its own unique challenges. 

Let’s highlight some common issues that organisations consider when it comes to software product development and their solution. 

  1. Incoherent and ever-changing software requirements

Keeping tabs on all the requirements helps establish the foundation of a software project. Unclear requirements result in a weaker foundation, and ultimately, the final product turns out to be substandard. It also results in the incorrect estimation of time and expenses. That said, when the software requirements are inadequate, it often results in unrealistic estimates.

Another issue is ever-changing software requirements. On one day, you ask for something; the next day, you ask for some other thing. This way, the requirements change entirely. This can happen because of the ever-changing needs of the industry. It only increases development time and cost.

Before developing products or adding a new feature to them, think hard. What do you want? What purpose will it serve? Document every feature and functionality that you must integrate into your app. If you select a credible custom software development company, they will cross-question you to ensure that they completely understand your specific requirements. 

  1. Opting for the wrong technology for software product

One of the most common setbacks that organisations face in software product development is selecting the wrong technology. This results in a lot of wasted time and money. This can be owing to a lack of experience or knowledge around a specific skill that might be required.

However, this choice could be expensive later if requirements change during development and their server costs increase.  In such cases having an experienced partner with adequate knowledge of app development can be essential, especially for startups. Understanding what’s required early is crucial in making the right selection.

  1. Lack of communication

This is again a prevalent concern that custom software development companies need to work on. It’s crucial to extend proper communication for your projects. Maintaining good communication in all stages of software development will ensure a smooth workflow and allow the developers to better understand the tasks at hand.

Also, the irregular or absence of process set up from the start of the project to enable regular communication is another major issue. Companies should hire project managers who have previously worked with a team that has experience in similar projects.

To resolve this challenge, you need to maintain a transparent process along with particular timeframes which are in place to ensure that regular communication is maintained every step of the way. In addition, it’s crucial to have an effective communication process that is aligned with all the deliverables.

  1. Hidden expenses 

There may be instances when you spoke to a software developer, and at that time, they promised to work on your product at comparatively cheaper rates than others. However, the expenses are steeper than what was committed earlier when you receive your final bill. 

This simply indicates hidden costs that were not added to the quoted price. There’s another type of hidden expense that product owners may have to incur. It concerns the one to be paid when the code is written terribly and the product is poorly designed.

You should ask your vendor to prepare a document that lists all your requirements, also recognised as a business requirement document. This document consists of everything right from the features to the complete user flow of your software. The features discussed earlier but removed later will also be a part of this document. You can ask the vendor to offer an estimate of the total budget depending on the document prepared.

  1. Unable to cope up with the timeframe of product delivery 

 The software development services should always carry out timely product execution or have additional time margins as a backup. Any kind of delay in product delivery can also hamper the reputation of the company. Hence, it’s crucial to have a timeframe and execute the operations accordingly.

Overstating the ability to deliver is among the major concern with most custom software development companies. The ability to anticipate the issues along with the product development roadmap are the most vital things to focus on while handling the development team. 

Regardless of what the development team or the manager states, it’s always wise to add some extra days in terms of your expectations from the predefined deadline. Anything can happen, particularly when it comes to software development. Delivery deadlines must be duly incorporated in the entire project development plan, which is agreed upon by the custom software services.

  1. Underestimating the power of UX/UI

A software’s User Interface (UI) directly affects a client’s User Experience (UX), and companies that neglect the significance of this do so at their risk. Users require simple and fast ways to get things done, but it has to be functional must align with the overall look and feel that a company aims to achieve.

Undermining the power of UX/UI can lead to failure when the product is released into the world, opine the experts from JavaFX abacus assignment help services. Hence, organisations must remember their end users during development. Furthermore, testing is pivotal for success and needs to be performed thoroughly before any product or service goes live to ensure the best possible user experience. 

  1. Maintaining confidentiality of information

You must have prepared a list of software development companies that may fulfil your requirements. This requires you to share your business idea with the companies, and this task can be overwhelming. 

They are the people you’re not completely familiar with, which makes sharing your idea of software quite risky. You wouldn’t want to be worried that your idea might be in the wrong hands or their trade secrets may get exposed too.

The perfect solution to this problem is a non-disclosure agreement. It’s essential to have legal contract between the two parties, structuring the information that will be shared, and all shared details should be kept confidential. If any of the parties breach the NDA, then it may result in legal actions by the opponent.


If you hire an inefficient software development company, you’ll either come across one or more than one of the above-listed issues. Hence, the first step is due diligence. You’ll have to devote a substantial amount of time finding the right custom software development organisations.